We use and develop modern theoretical tools to describe functional materials at the microscopic level. Our goal is to understand and predict electronic, optical, and dynamical properties of complex systems, such as hybrid molecule-metal interfaces or lead-halide perovskites. To this end we combine quantum-mechanical approaches, molecular dynamics, and state-of-the-art computational techniques, see research section.

We are currently looking for M.Sc. students, see here.

Group News

08.02.2018: Our group celebrated its one year anniversary with a dinner and playing some bowling.

05.02.2018: We are happy to welcome Harshini Venkata Annadata from the National University of Singapore as a visiting student.

10.01.2018: Check out our recent collaborative papers, posted on arXiv, on phonons in hybrid perovskites and their relation to carrier lifetimes and ionic composition.

06.12.2017: Our group had fun at a Christmas outing & visited the excellent Kepler museum.

11.10.2017: We are very happy to welcome two new group members: Max Schilcher joins as a PhD student, and Robert Hrdina supports our office duties.

04.07.2017: We visited the lovely Regensburg surroundings for some climbing and paddling action.

08.06.2017: Our group is co-organizing a minisymposium on theoretical chemistry in Regensburg.

26.05.2017: We are proud to be part of SFB 1277, granted by the German Science Foundation.

19.05.2017: Our group celebrated its start at the Regensburg Dult, click here for a group picture!

04.05.2017: We are very happy to welcome Keshav Srinivasan from IIT Bombay as a visiting student!

27.04.2017: We are grateful to receive computing time for JURECA, Jülich supercomputing center.

03.04.2017: Christian Gehrmann has joined us as a PhD student, welcome to the group Christian!

04.03.2017: Stefan Seidl has joined the group as a PhD student, welcome Stefan!

01.02.2017: the CMS group starts in Regensburg, exciting times!